Walktroughs and help
Gabriel Knight® - Sins Of The Fathers

When U talk to anyone, talk about all topics until they repeat answers or they don‘t have anything else to say. As the discussionprogresses new topics will apear. Try to talk to any character with ‚!’ icon and then with ‚?‘. Try to manipulate objects, show objects to characters, look at EVERY new object in your inventory!!!. Visit locations many times, if something new popped up.

NEVER skip the animated scenes – U can mis some important clues!!!

“I dreamt of blood upon the shore, of eyes that spoke of sin. The lake was smooth and deep and black, as was her scented skin...”

Welcome to game. Watch the intro scene (DON’T SKIP IT!!!). Talk to Grace. Ask her about all topics, when askeed about new messages, ignore her words about girl-messages and talk to her until she gives U three important messages: about gran’s call (to wisit her), about Moselys call (to pick up the photos) and about call from Germany.

Look around the bookstore and take magnigying glass and tweezer (if U don’t have CD version with ”SVGA” graphics, it’s really hard to find both things).

Now look at bookshelves and pick up the German Poetry book (left side of ladder), Book of snakes (right side of ladder) and German-English dictionary (under window). Read first poetry (about ”Drei Drachen”), then snakes book and then dictionary. Read dictionary until U know that DREI means THREE and DRACHEN means DRAGON (think about ”Drachen breath” Mosely :)).

Then go to your bedroom (behind Grace). Here U can turn on/of radio tuner and hear some station. Pick up the flashlight from dresser and and hairgel from bathroom (don’t try to go in bathroom, just click on gel to get it!)

Now it’s time to go to gran’s house. So leave bedroom, say bye to Grace and open the door to go to map. Push TO NEW ORLEANS MAP button (left or right).

On second map U’ll see the gran’s house icon (if Grace already told U about gran’s call, if not, go back to St. George’s Books and talk to Grace again – about new messages).

In gran’s house say hello to gran and talk to her. Talk about everything don’t forget Knight family, ask gran every topic until she repeats the answers. Then go to attic (up stairs). Notice the sketchbook, it’s pretty smal, but U can’t miss it, it’s that brown thing on the chair. Take it. Now look at old chest. Look at clock on chest. If U try to operate it, U will see, that U can move with clock hands (god, never heard about digital clock? :) and outer circle with six symbols (eclipse, dragon, sword, sun, angel and noose. Now remember the words from Poetry book – Drei Drachen ... (Three Dragons). Set the dragon symbol at upper position (like 12.00). Now operate the clock hands and set them to 3.00 (if still can imagine how to do, go to Images and Graphics Section of this page and look at picture 005.) and operate with the key. When secret drawer opens, take what’s in (look at it in inventory). Go to gran.

Show the photo and letter (that’s what was in secret drawer), gran will tell U more about your family. Now leave gran.

Now U know, your family rests in peace in St. Louis Cemetery #1, so go there. Look at tomb with red signs. Get the red brick and use the sketchbook on wall to get the message in. Talk to Toussaint Gervais – the watcher at St. Louis #1. Look at WRIGHT tomb – it’s family tomb. Then look at GEDDEs tomb and try to operate with panel (nothing happens). Leave the cemetery.

It’s time to pick up the photos from Mosely (photos for book, U’re workin’ on). Go to police station. Talk to desk sergeant Frick (or Freak? :)) try all topics, but important is to ask about Mosely and about photographs. He will tell U that Mosely is out in crime scene, but don’t want tell U where the crime scene is. So leave the station.

Visit the cathedral. Notice the small door at left side, go there and make confesiion :))) Then go to priest room (right side). Take black priest clothing and priest collar from wardrobe.

Go to Jackson Square park. Notice that people follow the mime to hit him. Go to lower part of park and go to policeman with motorbike. But he looks like he will not let U hear the radio. (Now I recommend to set SPEED of game to highest point.) Go near mime and he starts to folow U. Go to policeman (if U loose the mime go back for him and try again) as near as possible and the mime will make him out. When policeman is really out, hunting for mime, operate with motorbike radio and U’ll get the crime scene location (near Pontchartrain lake). What are U waitin’ for? Let’s go to lake!

Talk to Mosely. Meet the Malia and fall in love. Then wait until the place is clear. Use sketchbook on pattern to get it. Now it’s time to fix evidences (isn’t that job of cops???) – use magnifiyng glas on grass in right corner under tree and when found something, use tweezer to pick that thin up. It’s snake scale. Interesting, huh? Look around shore and get some clay. Now U have enough evidences to see ol’ pal detective Mosely again, so go to Police Station.

Talk to mosely about all (U’ll get the permission to see case file), insult him but notice the topic about making another photos for book. Now leave Mosely’s office and talk to pretty police woman officer Franks (use ‘!’ icon) and ask her about case file. Huh, got it, but it’s too bad, U can’t leave station with file, U can’t copy it... Hmmmmmm... Return the file (put in on the table) and go back to Mosely. Ask him about making photo for book. When done ask tell him, U must check your hair. He will let U go. Now the police woman is with camera in Mosely’s office and Frick (Freak) is doing his job. Take the case file and use it on copier (Minolta and it’s people). When done, put the case file back and return to Mosely’s office. Now U get what U needed. Great. Say thanx an hello and leave.

Go to Voodoo Museum and look around, notice the ”Voodoo wishing stump”. Rub it and make a wish (operate with it) and see what’s happens. The woman there isn’t very talkative so try to start conversation with manipulating of switch near doors. See, what happens. No, no bussines here yet, so be gentleman and leave.

Go to Napoleon House and talk to bartender Stonewall King. He will tell U about bar patrons Sam and Markus – two gamblers. Sam is not new in voodoo maybe U will need him later.

Today it’s nothing to do here, so run to Grace! Grace looks great but when U close your eyes, U can see only Malia, so ask Grace to find ALL about Malia Gedde. Ignore her allusion and say goodnight.


”A mask I wore as I aproached, I was what I am not. And though the pattern wac unclear, its meaning could be bought...”

Say good morning to Grace (don’t need to talk her more, yet). Open the cash register and get gift certificate. During opening scene Grace told U about research for Malia Gedde.

So go to Gedde’s Estate and talk to servant. But U have no ”official business or appointment”, so leave. Any idea? Malia saw U with Mosely, maybe...

Goto Mosely’s office. Look at man who is operating with thermostat. When he leaves, operat with thermostat again. Increase temperature to maximum. Go inside Mosely’s office and when he puts his jacket on chair, ask him for coffee. While he’s out, take his police badge. Drink the coffee and leave.

Now go to Gedde’s Estate again and tell the servant, that U are police detective Mosely. Then talk to Malia. After little flirt, she will throw U out.

Now’s time to visit Voodoo Museum and talk to Dr. John. Use both icons ‘!’ and ‘?’. He will tell U about voodooienne Magentia Moonbeam.

Go to Magentia’s residence. Talk to her and show her the message, taken from tomb. She will translate it for U. Then look at snake’s cage. Notice the shed snake’s skin. Ask her about her snake Grimwald and about handling with it. While she dances with Grimwald, take the snake’s skin.. Compare the scale from crime scene and the snake’s skin (it doesn’t match).

Now visit the Jackson Square park and talk to artist painter untill he looses his painting. Try to get the painting (near statue), but no success. Go down and talk (use ‘!’) to hot dog seller and give him your gift certificate. U’ll get the hot dog. Now talk to little dancing boy. Give him hot dog and ask him to get the painting. Give the painting back to painter and show him the pattern U got from crime scene. He can re-construct whole patter, but needs more of picture. Give him xeroxed patterns from police file.

Now go to Dixieland Drug store and watch the scene. Talk to the owner Willy Walker and ask about madame Cazaunoux and about crocodile mask Willy Jr. Notice the yellow table (left from Willy) – it says about Master Gambling Oil. Think, who’s big gambler, who needs master success? Remember this all and leave.

U will be automatically prompt to go back to St. George’s Bookstore. Ask Grace for research about madame Cazaunoux and say goodnight.


”...Drawn to Bacchus’s abode, I sought there to conspire. Bit it was in the city of the dead that found my heart’s desire...”

Ask Grace about messages. U have two messages from Mosely and from that stranger Wolfgang Ritter (and his phone number too). When done, ask Grace for phonebook page. When comes Bruno ”flower businessman”, sell him your father’s for hundred bucks. Don’t forget to read newspapers – U’ll got the adress of Tulane University, where is today lecture about Voodoo.

First go to Police Station as Mosely asked U in his call. Watch the scene and then talk to Mosely.

Today the painter has to finish recontruction of your pattern, so visit him in Jackson Square park. Talk to him (use ‘!’) and get reconstructed pattern. Then go to left side of park and talk to gipsy there... When she start to dance, try to touch her (with ‘take’ icon). When dance is finished, pick up the veil and give it back to gypsy. She’ll try to say U about your fortune, but she runs away, so leave park.

Go to Toulane University and see the lecture until Gabriel asleeps. Then go to professor and talk to him. He will tell U important thing – what CABRIT SANS COR’ means. Give him the reconstructed pattern and make appointment for tomorrow.

Go to St. George’s Bookstore and ask Grace for research about pattern.

Go to St. Louis #1 Cemetary and visit GEDDE’s tomb. Watch the heart-breaking scene.

Now’s time to get the adress of Cazaunoux residence. Go to St. George’s Bookstore and use telephone in your bedroom. Look at phone page from Grace and writ down (not in game, in real :) the numbers of Cazaunoux residences (the numbers are 555 1270, 555 1220, 555 1280, 555 1237 - first push ON button and then call number). I think the right number is changing, sou call until U hear madame Cazaunoux voice saying name of her dog – CASTRO. Now call the CAJUN CRITTERS VETERINARY CLINIC (555 6170) and ask about madame Cazaunoux, coz ”U are worried about Castro, he’s missed three dance lessons”. After this, U’ll get the adress of Cazaunoux residence. So go there.

Before entering the doors, maybe U have to something with yourself. Madame Cazaunoux is very faithfull dame, she will probably like to talk with priest. So use the priest clothing on yourself and make something with your hair (use gel). Now go in. Talk to madame, ask her about CABRIT SANS COR’ and when she asks U if U know what does it mean answer, U do. Then repeat what professor Hartridge on Toulane Univerisy told U (‘it’s goat without horns’) – now U are really friend of madame and she will tel U everything. Then ask her about VOODOO HONFOUR and she’ll show U bracelet. When looking at bracelet push inventory icon and use clay from lake Pontchartrain. U’ll make a clay pattern. Now give it back to madame and leave.

It’s time to do something for Sam – the old gambler. Go to Dixieland Drug store and buy crocodile mask – Willy Jr. U’ll get the Master Gamblin’ Oil with it. Now go to Napoleon House and give the Oil to sam. Tell him, it’s voodoo oil and he’ll win the game. he will be so happy, so give him the clay pattern of bracelet to make real bracelet (Sam is jeweler).

Now try to find gipsy (Jackson Square park) and talk to her. Watch the scene and leave.

Then just watch the scene from Gabriel’s sexual life.


”I spoke to one who smelled of death, he gave to me his ears. An crosses that were marked were made into a veil of tears...”

Ignore Grace’s words and read newspapers and newspaper clipping she gave to U. Police closed the Voodoo Murders case, damned!

Go to Police station and talk to Mosely and ask him to reopen the case, until he tells U conditions of re-opening (... prove that there’s a legitimate Voodoo cult in New Orleans, prove that they’re threat andget me a lead on the cult...). The leave.

Go to Napoleon House and get the bracelet from Sam.

Go to granny and talk to her, most important things are Schattenjager and Wolfgang Ritter. Talk until U know that Wolfgang is probably from your family line. Now it’s maybe time to make him call.

Go to St. George’s Book store and use telephone in your bedroom (call 49093243333). Watch the scene.

Now’s time to talk to man, who maybe knows something – CRASH. Mosely said, he found him in Jackson Square park. So go there and try to talk to CRASH. Hmmm, let’s see what is CRASH doing here. Go to Jackson Square overlook and use binoculars to spy CRASH. When U saw him with drummer, go back to Jackson Square. CRASH is not here anymore, so go to cathedral. Look at CRASH and try to talk with him. Then show him bracelet and talk again... Talk about all topics and then again. When he dies, look at him (‘look’ icon) and look under t-shirt (‘open’ icon on t-shirt). Use the sketchbook on his chest to copy the tatoo.

Leave the cathedral and watch ending scene.


”...The road was blocked, the truth was shunned, the whit flag had been waved. Reversal cost me all O had, and everything I’d braved...”

Watch intro scene and get the package from Grace (it’s journal from your uncle Wolfgang). Read it. Then talk to professor ( he will call U) and go to University.

At University, look at professor (to see he’s looking like CRASH after death) and get the paper from table, he was workin’ on.

Go to cemetary and look at new message on tomb. Use the sketchbook to write it down. Talk to watchman Gervais and ask him about Marie Laveau.. Now enter your inventory and use the first message (translated by Magentia) on the new message. U’ll get necrypted message, but there are few letters missing (DJ KEEP AN E<y>E ON GK B<u>T DO NOT HAR<m> - missing letters are in <>).

It’s time to ask Dr. JOHN about some things, so go to Museum. When snake attacks, wait until have control back and operate with switch on the wall (like when U were here first time) – the snake runs away.

Now go to St. George’s Book store, Grace takes the little gift, the snake left for U – snake’s scale. use tweezers on it (it’s pretty hard to find it on the Grace’s table, but be patient). Now go to inventory and use magnifying glass on both scales – they match :).

Now U have enough evidences for your friend Mosely to re-open the case. Go to Police Station and talk to Mosely. Tell Mosely about Professor Hartridge and Crash. Show him the snake scales, give him the newspaper clipping (U got it from Grace in DAY4 beginning scene), marks from the tomb and the paper U found on professor‘s table. Then he will re-open the case.

Go to St. George‘s Books and ask Grace to research for RADA DRUM.


“... And then the night became as day, I glimpsed neture‘s reddest claw! The face of fear looked back at me as I gazed into the maw...”

Talk to grace and get book with RADA DRUM code.

Wait until U get mail... Open the envelope and look at note and brass key. Now it‘s time to jump into voodoo bussiness. Go to Jackson Square.

Use RADA DRUM code book on rummer in park. Try to decode the message (if it‘s too much for U the decoded message is CALL CONCLAVE TONIGHT SWAMP – when U are successful in decoding U‘ll hear kind of *PING* sound). Then exti RADA DRUM book mode. Talk to beignet guy (the man who replaced Lucky HotDog guy.) - use ‚!‘ - andconvince him to go back to Royal Conti. Now set the game speed to HIGHEST position, make the BRASS KEY active in your inventory and go to Police Station.

Wait until beignet guy comes and two cops go there, while desk sergeant Frick is talking to U about STAYING OUT - save game. Now it‘s just up to U how quick U can open the door to Mosely‘s Office (with brass key). This part is kinda of LOAD-TRY, LOAD-TRY so be patient. When done, open Mosely‘s desk drawer and get tracker and tracking device. Then leave. Don‘t forget to say sorry to cops for entering forbidden area :)

Go to museum and talk to Dr. John about Ogoun Badagris and Damballah. After this little chat put tracking device into little black coffin next to the door (called SEKEY MADOULE – U know this from Dr. Hartridge‘s Lecture about Voodoo if U didn‘t sleep with Gabriel :)

Now go to St. Louis Cemetary #1 and use “message board” – Laveau‘s tomb to leave new message... Use red brick on tomb and with two translated messages write message DJ BRING SEKEY MADOULE. Now U can be sure, that U can use tracker to find the place of Voodoo rituals. It‘s time for U to prepare. Goto St. George‘s Books and show Grace the sketch of tatoo. Make her paint it on your chest. Now U are ready to go to ritual.

Go to St. Bajou swamp and use the tracker to find the right place. When U come closer, save position and then continue playing, coz U can loose right way very quick. When U see the fire, wear crocodile mask (use in on yourself) and go on, party begins...

Answer to Dr. John, first answer is Damballah – the snake and second answer is Ogoun Badagris – destroyer of men. Then watch.


“...My last ally laid to waste, I ran towards the light. I prayed for one to change my path, to give me strength to fight..."

Go to St. Louis Cemetary #1 and visit GEDDE‘s tomb. Operate with opened panel and go in. Use flashlight and open the graves (looks like drawers but nevermind :) the mots important is middle grave. After little intersequence open the middle grave again and take the wallet. Don‘t forget to look at it in inventory. Return to St. George‘s Books. Go to bedroom and call “C” travel agency from the phone page from Grace. Ask for a trip to Rittersbers, Germany and pay with Mosely‘s credit card. When done, say goodbye to Grace and go to Airport...

In schloss Ritter talk to Gerde about family. Look around and take the knife from wall. Go to chappel (right) and look at panels. Then go back to Gerde and talk to her about chappel and panels. When got something new, go back in chappel and watch all the panels again. Now go to your bedroom. When U‘ll walk around Gerde, take the salt. In bedroom take chamber pot, scissors (below the mirror) and take the scrool from wall. Now the time is right (for return of Frankenstein :) to become real Schattenjager. Think about the panels and:

- open the window and wash your hands with snow (panel 1)
- cut your hair with scissors (panel 2)
- go to chappel and put chamber pot on the altar, don‘t forget to put the salt into pot (panel 3)
- use knife from wall on yourself (panel 4)
- kneel at the altar (panel 5)
- read the scroll from bedroom (panel 6)

Then watch.


“...Inside a hidden chamber where I had no right to be, I found the wheel at last or, could it be, the wheel found me...”

Wake up and pick up the key. Use it on library’s door and enter Schattenjager’s Library. There are two main book shelves. Back Shelf (BS) and Left Shelf (LS). Now u have to find book which will point U to another book, then find the second book, which will point U to third book etc. So keep trying ‘WATCH’ on shelves and then ”PICK UP’ to read. So find the books in this order:

- People of Republic Benin (in the middle of BS)
- Primal Ones (right side of BS)
- Ancient roots of Africe (LS)
- Sun Worshipers (left side of BS)
- Ancient digs of Africa (right side of BS)

In the last book read about Wheel Inside Of Wheel and then go to Gerde and show her the book. Then tell her, U’ll pay your trip in Africa with your (Mosely’s) credit card.


”...And the wheel went round and round, I could not find my way. Twelve and three and turn the key, I heard the madman say...”

Enter Mound. Set your game speed to highest point. Go around the mound picking up all the plates you find (U can take the plates from gorund and from wall too. Only two plates are not removable. When you find a blue snake rod take it as well. Now look at the plates. There are snake images on it. U are about to place the plates in the walls in order. The not removable plates will tell U the order. The number of snakes on plates is increasing from room to room, so just go from room to rrom and do it. When U make it right, U‘ll hear *PING*. Now go to room 3, SAVE THE GAME (!!!!) and use the snake rod on tile. U‘ll hear *PING*. It‘s time to save your life. So run (I HOPE U SET THE HIGHEST GAME SPEED) and run. In room #5 U‘ll probably have some troubles with zombie. Try this: go to upper-right corner and wait until it‘s near of U, run down and then up to next room.

When U enter the room with three zombies, use the vine above the entrance (little bit right). In next reoom U‘ll see uncle Wolfgang fighting with three zombies. Use blue snake rod on inner door plate.

Go to sacrifice room. Talk to uncle Wolfgang. Then look at sacrifical table and on two rods on the wall. Pick up the rods (use ‚PUSH‘ icon) and U‘ll use it on sacrifical table. Now U‘ll need the human heart. Wolfgang ask U to bring heart from zombie in previous room. So go there and use the knife on zombie. Then watch this (just a little bit) heartbreaking scene.


DAY 10
“...Deep in the heart I faced a fight that I could never win. The blameless and the base destroyed, and all that might have been” – Gabriel Knight

Back in St. George‘s Books. Get the envelope from cashier. Then talk to Mosely and and make a plan, tell him, that U have Tracking System. Go to Cathedral and visit the confessional room on right. Look at hole in paneling. Remember the holes in plates in Africa. So like in Africa, use the blue snake rod on hole. When the “confessional elevator” brings U up, put the snake rod and tracking device under bench. Enter the Voodoo Cartel‘s Headquarter. There are 12 rooms. Explore all rooms (when entered Dr. John‘s room do not anything and leave. Here‘s little list of rooms with marks similar to marks in game (the commas on marks in game have vertical direction like this):


My marks looks like this:


So the list of rooms is:

I computer room
I‘ elevator
I‘‘ supply room
I‘‘‘ room with Grace (locked)
I‘‘‘‘ this room is empty
II‘ surgical room (locked)
II‘‘ empty room
money room (locked too)
‘‘ Dr. John‘s room
‘‘‘ Malia‘s room
‘‘‘‘ bussiness office

Go to supply room. Pick up two masks (use ‚PICK UP‘ icon two times) and two costumes (use ‚PICK UP‘ icon two times again). From computer room U‘ll get black codebook. Go to inner wheel and use rada codebook on the tympan and “make song” with SUMMON BROTHER EAGLE words. Leave the inner wheel, but be sure U don‘t wait in front of Dr. John‘s door. Wait for a while and go to Dr. John‘s room and take Card keys from wall. Leave and go down. Wait until U hear the sound of closing door. It means Dr. John is back in his room. Go to all locked rooms and use the Card keys to open it. Don‘t forget to visit Malia‘s room to see what‘s with her. At last go to room with Grace. Try to wake her up. Then use Schattenjager‘s talisman on her. When Mosely comes, give him one of costumes and mask. Use the other one on yourself. Wait until Dr. John comes and invites U to party.

Watch the sequence. When U have the control, use the Schattenjager‘s talisman on Tetelo in Malia‘s (beautiful :) body. After that throw the talisman to Mosely and Grace (use the talisman on him).

When Tetelo catches U, wait until U have control back again and then pick up little statue under round sacrifical stone table.

Watch the scene and try to save Malia. Then just watch ending scene and read your point score.