Image Gallery

Welcome into Image Gallery, here U can find graphics art of Gabriel KnightŪ Mysteries. U can select it from list below. When U click on some link in list, GK Image Viewer will be activated. It's similar to this screen but there are different buttons. There are two arrow buttons for listing from image to image (as they apear in the list) and "Switch To Mysteries" button - for return to GK Mysteries mode.

GK Image Viewer Preview

This page is still under construction. I will add new files as soon as possible. If U want some special file to be added, just request me, I will add requested files within 48 hours.

Here U can find some *special* images which are without any characters there. It's good for people, who wants to do some graphic or webdesign and needs some backgrounds. All those Without-characters pictures are marked with (w). In list U can also find images marked with (a). Those pictures are artworks made by me, mostly photo-montages and re-constructions from original pictures, so U can't find them in game or anywhere else.

If U are in Image Viewer mode and want to skip some pictures (for example U are on pic009 and want to jump on pic 015) just switch in Mysteries mode and select pic015 from list of images.

Gabriel KnightŪ - Sins Of The Fathers

(includes mostly unpublished shots)

Gabriel KnightŪ - The Beast Within

(includes mostly unpublished shots)

Gabriel KnightŪ - Blood Of The Sacred Blood Of The Damned

(includes mostly unpublished shots)