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Welcome to my Gabriel Knight Fan Page. I made this page coz I want to share my feelings about this game series. If U don't play adventure games, maybe this will be your startpoint. Coz I never played the game with so strong storyline, so real characters, it's so mysterious but so real. This game is not about collecting items and using everything-on-everyone. This game is about deep and dangerous places of human mind, about history, but mostly... It's about Gabriel Knight. So, who's this Gabriel? When we met him first time he was writter, trying to write book about woodoo cartel in New Orleans. When we saw him last time, he was Schattenjäger (shutt-an-yeager - ShadowHunter), last from old german family. He must fight against all dark, in his castle in Germany he's also trying to learn more about his family history.

If U want to play GK game, U must to know this: GK is not game to play, U must LIVE IT! U must feel the shadows, U must fear for life, but U must survive! Stop thinking like gamer and start to LIVE LIKE SCHATTENJAGER!!!

Design of this page is based on Gabriel Knight® - The Beast Within play screen, for best experiences read Homepage Info (that button with "?"). It's highly recommended to keep eye on status line (that black space under buttons). Why? Check it.

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The main sections of page are:
Gabriel Knight® Mysteries (facts about Mysteries), Main Characters (informations about all characters from GK games), Sounds and Music (sounds and melodies from games), Images and Graphics (screenshots from games and graphic stuff - wallpapers, icons etc.), Walkthroughs and Help (my own walkthroughs, help files), Locations (facts about locations from games), About Author (about Jane Jensen - author of GK, pictures, interviews), Sierra Studios (basic informations about Sierra), Homepage Info (technical info about page, known problems, FAQ), Upir The WebDesignor (about me).

Some parts of page are not completed, coz I am working on some things, but I'll finish it soon. If U have any questions, ideas, or enything, feel free to contact ME.

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