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Jane Jensen is the ultimate story-teller. She breathes life into her newborn plot; invents her characters' ideas and thoughts, creates the time and the place for the adventure, and decides the destiny of her characters. Jensen revels in creating her story, and in watching it come to life.

She considers herself, at heart, a writer -- a novelist. Her main literary influences are Stephen King and Anne Rice. She is also a researcher, putting hundreds of hours into the depth of her stories. For The Beast Within, the second Gabriel Knight mystery, Jensen traveled to Germany, the site of the story, to conduct historical research. She believes this research truly creates the feel for the story, and gives depth to its realism.

Jensen's technical background began with a degree in Computer Science from Anderson University in Indiana. Later, she became an engineer for Hewlett-Packard, and was employed there for six years. Her career in interactive entertainment began at Sierra On-Line in 1991. Since then, she has had the opportunity to work on such hit titles as Police Quest 3; Gabriel Knight- Sins of the Fathers; Ecoquest; King's Quest VI and Pepper's Adventures In Time. As designer of Gabriel Knight - Sins of the Fathers, Jensen was honored when the game won Computer Gaming World's Adventure Game of the Year and also Best of Show at CES. This accolade was actually surpassed with her next Gabriel Knight adventure, The Beast Within, which netted Jane the top honor that Computer Gaming World can bestow: overall Game of the Year!


AWARD action

I've read about Gamespot's BEST & WORST 1999 AWARD, so we browsed there... Let me see the nominees in ADVENTURE genre:

Gabriel Knight 3: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned
Publisher: Sierra
Developer: Sierra

Omikron: The Nomad Soul
Publisher: Eidos Interactive
Developer: Quantic Dream

Publisher: Infogrames
Developer: Infogrames

Now let us see game descriptions:

Omikron: The Nomad Soul
- action adventure

- action adventure

Now let me think... Got it! This is why adventure genre is dying! They're calling "adventure" everything where is more than 5 min of "storyline" and more than 5 sentences to speak. I am wondering, why Tomb Raider doesn't have subtitle: BEST SELLING ADVENTURE EVER MADE... That's SICK!!! Please, forget all this CRAP and let's play GK serie again and try to remember what's ADVENTURE called!
In last weeks (months maybe) I‘ve played only one adventure before GK3 - Sanitarium, but it's sick game, not for all gamers.
Gabriel Knight 3 is ONLY ONE crystal clear ADVENTURE for last (many) months and don't tell me it's not! This game teach you and lets you think about storyline and linked facts & therories, it can make you start studying the history, philosophy and related stuff. This game is not typical game at all. It can be your jumpstart to the study of human journey beginning thousands years ago... Let this game introduce you to the long story of human existence, its legends, true stories, fantasies and wisdom.

Tell me, how many young people know about Templars, FreeMasons and about history of mankind? I know the answers and it makes me cry. I hope, Jane's games and books will help many people, as it helped to me, to see many things in different light...

This is why we decided to award:

- Jane Jensen as author of GK series with 'UPIRsoft Graphics Slovakia Award For Contribution In The Field Of Education And Entertainemt™'
- Gabriel Knight 3 Blood Of The Sacred Blood Of The Damned game with 'UPIRsoft Graphics Slovakia award The Best Game Of The Millenium™'

If you would like to become signatory of those Awards, please send e-m@il with your name, age, location and suggestions to our adress upirsoft@upirsoft.nfo.sk. If you have homepage and want to support the awards online too, just place award GIF (shown below) somwhere with few words about it. Everything important will be on our Gabriel Knight Mysteries Homepage in next days... Thanx

PS: Jane, you did GREAT job!!! @-}-}---

Interview with Jane JENSEN about past, present and future, about Gabriel and about our AWARD action.

Hello Jane!

Your last (I hope it's not last at all, just at this time :) game Gabriel Knight 3 - Blood Of The  Sacred Blood Of The Damned has been released in the end of 1999 (november). The game is greatest adventure I ever played, with greatest story, absolutelly perfect puzzles, unbelievable gameplay and professional soundtrack, but it's not selling well. I think the reason is small advertisement - I didn't see any presentation videos, no support campaign, simply nothing. What do you mean about it?

You'll have to ask Sierra these questions, not I.  GK3 did get good marketing support up  front, early in the developement, but once Havas bought the company it seems marketing budgets were cut.  And as an "adventure game" and thus not an anticipated major seller, dollars went elsewhere.  Also, on GK3 much more than on GK2, we had a hard time getting, for example, a cover of a magazine, because most magazines didn't think their audiences really were interested in adventure games.

Now back to the game. The storyline is motsly based on historical facts and theories... I think  you have read much about the topics - freemasons, templars, christian history and more.  While I finished the game I've read several books about that, so I think your game has educational effect too... Was it your intent?

Yes.  Rather, I like to find interesting subjects to pull into my work for several reasons.  First, because they interest *me* and that's a prerequisite to making a good story.  :-)  And  secondly, because I most admire fiction that is not only well-written but that has something interesting to say.  In our world there are just far too many choices when it comes to entertainment.  In the book world, for example, there are millions of titles.  I think fiction will have to do more than just entertain to stand out above the herd -- it also has to provide an experience that makes you think, wonder, and gets you excited intellectually.

Puzlles - most impressive event except storyline, playability, graphics, music and dialogues  :)) Who is author of those?

I wrote most of the puzzles in the game, though the team helped out on the cat puzzle and some of the temple puzzles.  Le Serpent Rouge was done as part of the design doc and is as much story as puzzle.

One puzzle - La Serpent Rouge surprised me very much. I think it's the best puzzle in the  history of adventures (ha, maybe idea for third award!!! :)... Please tell me about making this puzzle, is it based on historical documents (I know the paintings of Poussin and Tenier are real) or it's just fantasy?

I think it's great too, but it's the kind of thing that people either love or hate.  I spent 3-4 weeks on this puzzle, trying to work it out.  To me, this was the reason to do Rennes-le-Chateau *as* a computer game, was being able to experience solving the riddles and work with the geometry.  I took a real poem, Le Serpent Rouge, and changed it quite a bit in order to make it solvable.  As for the map solution itself, some elements are taken from various books -- for example, the circle and square and grid idea came from David Wood's books and the idea of the final location of the treasure from "Tomb of God", but much of the other elements of the puzzle I had to work out on my own.  Of course, I wasn't try to really *solve* the RLC mystery, only make a great puzzle, so I guess it was an easier than many RLC authors have gone through.

First Gk game - Sins Of The Fathers has hand-drawn graphics, second - The Beast Within was Full-Motion-Video (FMV) and now Blood Of The Sacred Blood Of The Damned is in full 3D... What's your feeling of it? (I think the 3D system is giving us the greatest freedom in moving around the locations, allowing gamer to view any object from any angle, any distance... For my Gabriel Knight Mysteries homepage I took about 1000 screenshots from   Gk1&2 to bring unique collection of locations shots without any characters. In GK3 I don't need to do any corrections or montages to remove characters from, but I can do 1000 shots of the same location and it will always by something different.)

I like the 3D also, for that reason, for the freedom of movement.  To me this adds a tremendous amount.  However, it would be nice if eventually 3D would support better graphics and perhaps even video actors.

There are speculations about Tim Curry's voice for Gabriel Knight. I think he's great, but why did you choose him for first GK and why is he in GK3 again? And why he didn't play Gabriel in FMV GK2 The Beast Within?

He didn't play in GK2 because it was FMV and he really didn't match the character physically.  Plus, he would have been far too expensive for a 3 months live shoot, believe me!  As for GK1, he was the suggestion of our voice director, Stu Rosen and I thought he was perfect -- a suave ladies man, witty, but with a warmth you had to like.  For GK3 we wanted to go with either Tim or Dean and Tim was the choice because we wanted voice Actors again and that's not really Dean's strong suit.

Grace also don't have it's permanent actress (Leah Remini in GK1, Joanne Takahashi in GK2 and Charity James in Gk3). Why is that?

It's just occured that way.  Each time we've done casting we had new priorities.  As I've said with GK3, we were going back towards a cast of voice actors.  We did negociate with Leah but she was busy with a TV series and it didn't work out.  Charity is a wonderful Grace.

Schattenjager is now well known international word, it's very rare to put the european elements in american games... An american with german rootage, later settled to Germany... Didn't you have problems with the publisher about that?

No.  Sierra never really stuck their nose into the storylines for the GK series.

Many people all over the NET are asking if the Rittersberg and Schloss Ritter are real or just fiction, where did you filmed the castle exterior (front shot, back shot as Grace saw when entered secret passage) etc. So what's the truth?

They're fiction.  The photo locations in GK2 are often montages of different buildings outside and inside, and different town squares.  The exterior shot of Rittersberg is a castle that does, of course, exist, but I'm not sure exactly where (I think the info is on the web somewhere).

I was really surprised, coz the rooms in FMV GK2 were really very similar to the GK1. It's  pretty hard to make real locations to be similar to hand-drawn sketches. Were the sketches based on real interior or the interior in Gk2 based on GK1 sketches? Can we find the castle's interior somwhere or it's just studio work?

The Schloss Ritters weren't really alike at all in GK1 and GK2.  We just couldn't find a match.  We did do pretty well, though on the bookstore. No, nothing like this was in our minds when we did GK1.  Those scenes were just drawn from imagination.

Again about locations. I own few photos from Rennes Le Chateau (I will publish it soon with the shot from game) and - what a surprise - they match the locations from game (the tower over R-L-C, church details...). I don't have the photo, but I know Sauniere's vila is in R-L-C too... How much is the game environment similar to the reality?

Some of the places -- such as the church, the tower, Tour Magdala, are based on the real locations.  And the general look of the town is similar, but the layout of the town is different and the hotel does not exist that way in RLC.  These things we changed for game play issues.  But all the locations in the game that are actually *relevant* to the RLC mystery are based on real RLC locations.

In GK3 the main characters - Gabriel and Grace are changed... Friends become lovers, why is that? (Excuse me, but I was dreaming about it since I played Gk1 :)

I think these series in which romantic tension is drug on forever -- such as Moonlighting or X-Files -- it just gets to be so unrealistic.  I thought about these 2 characters and I can't see   them lingering over it forever. Grace, if nothing else, would insist on it coming to a head.  And so I followed what I thought the characters would do.

Many people I know, were happy when it happened and then cryin' when Grace left Gabriel...  I think this relation makes GK3 more than game... The characters have feelings, they feel  love, pain, they cry and smile... But finally there is no happy end, pretty untypical for  american production... Innit? (maybe you should answer ROIT :)

ROIT.  I don't know.  It's where the story went.  I think if it had a happy ending it just be sappy.  But maybe that's just me.  :-)

Do you have any plans for Gabriel and Grace? (Hope you do!!!)

I do have some ideas for future episodes, but who knows?

Maybe you remember, maybe not, but in my first mails I asked you about vampires (and many other things, for example old mysterious Prague :) in Gabriel Knight story - and - they are there... Why did you combine topics like freemasonry, templars, treasure hunt, Christian history, bloodline with vampire theme?

I had an idea a few years ago about doing vampires who were only interesting in a certain kind of blood -- that they were basically on a quest for immortality and there might be a few immortals walking around whose blood they were trying to steal.  Later, when I learned about the RLC mystery and the bloodline of Jesus heresy, it seemed to me a perfect fit.  All of the othere themes you mention:  freemasonry, templars, treasure hunt, Christian history, are all part of the RLC mystery, which is perhaps why it so fascinated me.

By the way - Christian history - the facts you provide are kinda revolutional (the body of  Jesus in final scene - it was REEEEEEAAAAALLLLLYYYY the most impressive scene I ever saw)... Aren't you afraid of reactions from Vatican or chrisitan public?

Wary of, yes.  But GK3 is hardly the first to make such a proposition.  And, as with GK2 and Ludwig, I felt the story dealt with the idea of Jesus respectually, even perhaps reverently.  I suppose hardliners who insist that the physical body must have physically ascended will find my story annoying or blasphemous.  But I'm not, under any circumstances, trying to propose that the body really didn't do thus or so.  It's just fiction.

The final scene - the connection between Schattenjager and Jesus, huh, that's mystic, but  don't you think this may completelly change the character of our hero from nasty guy to faithfull monk???

Well, nothing so far has changed Gabriel into a faithful monk.  :-)  I think he has had a change, though, but it would take time for him to work it out.

Now little bit official - Jane, you are awarderd with "UPIRsoft Graphics Slovakia, BonusWeb & Riki Award For Contribution In The Field Of Education And Entertainment" and your   Gabriel Knight 3 Blood Of The Sacred Blood Of The Damned with "UPIRsoft Graphics Slovakia, BonusWeb & Riki Award For The Best Adventure Game Of The Millenium" - CONGRATULATION!!!

Thanks so much for supporting GK3 in this way.  It means a great deal to know that this kind of a story is appreciated, not only for me but perhaps for others who might be interested in doing similar work.

The awards have great support from gamers (the full list of supportes will be available on our page) - what do you think about "petition actions" such as this?

Hey, grass roots works.  :-)

Information about this action will be forwarded to Sierra, do you think this may help to GK  series?

It certainly can't hurt.  I think in general GK3 has gotten a stronger response in Europe, which may help since Havas is a European company.

You told me, that there are different reaction on GK3... What do you think is the reason, GK3 is good game at all, if you are GK3 fan or not...

The trouble with a series is that people have a great deal of expectations coming in.  And I'm beginning to see that they don't like you to change at all -- they want to see the same story over and over.  To me this is not fun to write and also would be a death knell to a series eventually.  Eventually people would say, 'But it's just the same story over and over!' 
GK3 was much more esoteric than the other two -- more on esoteric rather than horrific themes.  It was more Umberto Eco than Stephen King.  I think the fans who were anticipating lots of fang-dripping vampires were disappointed in this.  It probably is something I should  have anticipated. In GK2 the time was split more evenly between Gabriel on the werewolf hunt and more 'werewolfy' scenes and Grace doing historical research on Ludwig II.  People don't remember, but when GK2 came out I also got letters from people (usually younger American males) saying how boring Grace's parts were and that they hated that historical stuff and why couldn't I just do the werewolf story.  So it is no surprise that when GK3 moved even more in that direction, that particular audience was not happy.  I did try to work vampires into the story early on -- such as Gabriel's dream and the vision at the crime scene, but the game structure was obviously quite different in GK3.  In GK3 the structure of the story worked better as an Agatha Christie style, where all suspects are equally plausible until the very last minute. This meant that you couldn't get too intimate with the "vampires"   until the very end.  And also, I thought that if Gabriel became emotionally entangled with the villain in *every* story, that would begin to get implausible. It's like Sherlock Holmes.  Sometimes he's battling Moriarity and sometimes he's just catching a murderer.
So in summary, I think if you're a gamer who's looking for a horror story, a typical American vampire story, you may feel dissatisfied.  If you're someone, though, who is susceptible to the charms of a mystery like RLC -- if you like history, religion, secret societies, conspiracy, etc., than you will probably love it.

After finishing GK3, what are your next plans? Any GK4 ideas? I think you have something to  say, that GK3 was not the end of story.

I'm working on a new book to follow on the "Millennium Rising" contract. It's due in June so I'm booked up til then.  I may think about a GK4 game or book after that.

Jane, it seems you like to communicate with people via internet. Is any chance to meet you online somwhere on some chat or conference?

Perhaps.  We can discuss it.

Now it's time to say goodbye... Jane, thank for your time, thank you for Gabriel Knight and his wonderful stories, which are the best of the best at all, no matter what some people say. I hope I can play GK4 one day, then GK5, GK6 etc... I also will always buy the books from you, because you're one of the finest artists I know (althought it's really hard to get them here in central europe :).

Thanks, UPIR!  You're the best.


Here is the list of people who support our action:

UPIR The Vampire Knight (Brezno, Slovak Republic)

ARMAND (Brezno, Slovak Republic)

Vreco - chiefeditor of BonusWeb Magazine (Bruntal, Czech Republic)

BigPeter (Czech Republic)

PLuto (Czech Republic)

Very interesting try, of course, count me in...

Jessica Ackerman (USA)

I would like to support the work of Jane Jensen by supporting the award that is to be given to her.  I'm proud to be a part of this great effort to try and save the Adventure genre.

César Bittar (Caracas, Venezuela)

I truly want to support the Gabriel Knight series as best adventure games of the millenium. Simply and truly. There's no other game out there to beat Gabriel Knight.
Long live Jane Jensen and GK!

Trixie Geisler (North Hollywood, California, USA)

I would like to give my support for GK 3 and the other games as well.

Charlotte Porter (not entered)

You definitely have my support!

AnneUK (Stevenage, England)

Hi I am on the message board as AnneUK. I live in Stevenage in England and I think that the whole GK series is phenomenal - I use it all the time with the pupils I teach who are learning to read much faster because of it ( they are pupils with learning difficulties) and we have a group of older pupils as Schattenjagers to fight our own demon of bullying. The ideas in GK3 are just beyond anything in any other game and have led to many discussions with older pupils. These games are so far above any others in content and quality that I cannot believe Sierra could stop making them. Jane is a genius, and a superb writer.

Gradek Magdalena (Poland)

I read your statement about adventure games. I fully support it !!!! GK serie is my favourite. I waited so long for the 3rd part. And now I got it and enjoy it. I "sold" the idea of GK to my friends. Now they discovered GK2 and are pushing me to finish quickly the 3rd. Finally they understand why I spent so many nights playing it. 
As I am not following the games business very well, I was cheated by sales person that Tomb Rider is an adventure game. I was shocked and furious when I saw what it was.
I support your idea of splitting real adventure games from unbrained shooting and running games. 

Irene Hessenauer (Michigan, USA)

I couldn't agree with you more. What this era of computer game addicted kids needs is games that teach! Kids (and adults) are always looking for activities that stimulate their brains as well as entertain. We need more games like the GK series.
I HATE shoot-em-up games (with the exception of Redneck Rampage), so I have a really hard time finding games that interest me. I am so sad that there have been fewer and fewer adventure games.
Hire some creative storytellers and forget the shoot-em-ups!

Ana Brandão (Hawaii, USA)

...here is hoping the art of storytelling through computer games never dies... :)


jerryt (not entered)

I agree with you 100%! It seems like any game that requires you to actually think for more than five minuite about anything, or go five minuites without killing something, is too much for people to handle anymore (except the classy folks who appreciate the GK series:-)).
I enjoy having to figure things out and learn something new while participating in a real mystery adventure.
I hope that there will be a GK4, but with the state of the adventure game today, that may be a pipe dream.

Davva (Sweden)

I agree too. It seems nowadays that almost too many games are called adventuregames even when they don't deserve it.

davecomfypants (Liverpool, UK)

i've only ever played GK3 but it's 1 of my best games eva, keep 'em comin'

.shiajun (mexico City, Mexico)

I feel it!!! Amen to that! Let's support quality work! We must come together and combine our energies!
I support! I support!
(drops into a chorus singing song)

EyalR1 (Hifa, Israel)
not available

I agree,where have gone all our favorites - Larry, Roger, Laura Bow - and most of all Gabriel.

Yan-I (Manila, Philippines)

Adventure games are not the only games that suffer from wrong game classifications. Diablo is classified under RPG where everything there is about it is action save for character stats.
Everyone is so obsessed with cool graphics and sound too much that the story of the game is not given enough time to be thought of. Buying the game is what little support I can give but then I'm thinking. Does me buying the game credit for supporting the game given that I'm from Asia? I've received news that only those in the U.S. and Europe are counted. I like the game too much that I am in full support to push the adventure industry back on track.

AngelFire (not entered)
not available

GO GABRIEL! I am behind GK all the way! I have to admit I've only played GK 3 as of now, but after finishing this awesome game (with 936 points the first time -woo hoo!), I will definitely buy the first two!

neovsmatrix (not entered)

I think GK3 is the best game yet and really would like a GK4. It's too bad that reviews which try to analyze the components of GK3 will find it too easy to criticize and won't do GK3 any justice as the game works on a much grander scale than reviews tend to look at things.

Banana (not entered)

I loved the game and was delighted to see the return of both Tim Curry and Charity James. As for the ending, I too was struck with discouragement and disappointment. However, it's impossible to leave Gabriel's loyal fans hanging like that. I'm sure there will be a GK4. It would be cruel not to.

Intrepid_Wanderer (Australia)
not available

I been playing computer games practically all my life now. Since the age of 4 I have played many adventure games. Sadly they are disappearing :(((
What the gaming companies do not realise is that they are missing a certain section of the community who enjoys playing a game which requires the use of the brain, which does not include strategy, but has a good storyline.
I support the re-emergance adventure game, I salute you Jane Jensen. It was playing games such as yours which inspire me to be hopefully one day a game designer. However I've got a long way to go.

seahorsenh (not entered)

I have just finished GK3, the first game in the series which I have played. I am a 24 yr old female, married and with a busy life. However I enjoy relaxing, and immersing myself into a good storyline. I read a ton of books, fiction to fantasy, to, well, just about everything. And I think what Jane Jensen is able to do, is to create the book in aform which we can interact and become a part of the story. I, at times, felt I was in Rennes Les Chateau, and was Grace or Gabe. The story had me thinking, and worrying about the characters. This is what a good book does, or a good movie, but most computer games require you to simply point and shoot. I am so sick of that. I want to be on the edge of my seat wondering if there is something sinister around the corner. I want to wrack my brain for the answer to some riddle. I love how she incorporates history and fact, with the theories which many of us had never heard of. I am one of the many who will refuse to waste my life on a machine shooting the bad guy, but with the REAL adventure games, such as the GK series, I will gladly spend a few hours, enjoying becoming the character.
I will keep buying books, and I will keep buying excellent games such as these, which are basically books we can become a part of. Thank you Jane Jensen...I may be one voice, but you and your work are appreciated.

LadyPhoenix (not entered)
not available

Jane and the GK series deserves many more awards than they get!
Bring on GK4...keep adventure alive! Keep Gabe alive (lord knows he can't do it himself, we all know how stupid he can be)!

Cos33 (Athens, Greece)

Same here.The GK series are part of the few latest decent adventure games.It`s really sad that sierra and lucasarts are the only regular supporters of this game genre even though it has LOADS of fans all over the world.
Hey I LOVE adventure games too,but action/adventures can`t just take all the blame!If adventure games are not advertised or reviewed,people may not think of them at all.I usually find adventure games(very good ones),I`ve never seen in a magazine.Look at ff.After the ff7 advertisements they started selling skyhigh.If GK3 was awarded as the best adventure game(it should have)instead of outcast,it would be selling better now.It`s not the games fault,it`s people trying to manipulate video game fans.Surely,any magazine will be in favour of a game that paid millions to be advertised(and therefore sustains the mag`s existence)

Morgana (Hilo, HI, USA)
not available

The Crusade for the perservation of the noble art of Adventure gaming has all my support... :))
...anything more specific I can do to help... count on me...
...and... Congratulations Vampire Knight... a most wonderful page in honour of the Gabriel Knight series... most excelent design and most excelent content...

Mistawho (Auburn, WA, USA)

I feel like such an insignificant one in the equation, but I also support GK3 and would gladly spend another $50.00 to see a Gabriel Knight 4. I've said it elsewhere, and I'll say it again: I haven't been this impressed with a game in a long long time. It's nice to see a game like GK3 come along right when you start to think that sequels, rip-offs and rehashes are all the developers can offer us these days.

Angelwwolf (New Jersey, USA)
not available

UPIR, I think it's great that you are doing this and I applaud your efforts.

Gibbler (San Diego)

Hey you guys...count me in. i agree with ALL of you 100% There must be a GK4...or adventure games...are over...i have finally realized that. GK's are the only TRUE adventure games left really...the rest are called adventure...but they are really action games where you basically shoot the head off of a monster or a human at every turn of a corner...gee...how fun...educational...and god...you really have to use your brains for that kinda game....yeah...right!!!!!

Whispurrr (Australia)
not available

GK3 was a brilliant game, and with a cliff hanger like that I know we're all desperate to see the release of GK4.
Thanks Jane for this wonderful series, I've just brought the first 2 in book form. Can anyone tell me if the 3rd is out in book form or if there are plans for it to be written?

Tuula (Oulu, Finland)
not available

I have not yet finished GK3, but as far (Day 3, noon) I can say that the story is brilliant and by following it you can go almost too deep to history and its mysteries.
In your first topic you said that young persons nowadays don´t know enough about history. I am not very young (48) and I have always loved history, but even I knew nothing abut the mystery of RLC. And now I know that even here in Oulu, Finland, here is a branch of Knights of Templars!!!
I think the reason why good adventure games don´t sell is that the people who should like them, dont´t know that they exist. Most of the players are very young boys who prefer action. If I hadn´t my son (13 years), I probably would think from media that games are only violence. We have played most GK3 together, and my son also says that there should be more and better storylines in games.
So long live GK and JJ!! There are several stipends to quality authors, why not to game designers?

Eric R (NJ)

YEAH!! DEFINETLY!!! I WANT IN!!! Oh, wait...I AM in!!! LOL, keep this series going Jane... It's most certainly an excellent forte of yours.

GKMan07 (Ohio, USA)

Just to support your theory, I read an advertisement a while back for Kings Quest VIII: Mask of Eternity. It said something like Adventure gaming isnt dead...its just entered a new dimension. Then I got the game. I almost vomited when the ground appeared to give birth to numerous zombies for no apparent reason. It almost (ok, maybe not exactly almost, but somewhere near there) moves me to tears just thinking about it. Sorry if someone already posted about KQ:MoE, but this topics kinda long so I didnt read all of it.  

Kamatsu (not entered)
not entered

Hola all,
Just thought I'd put in my input concerning the whole Gabriel Knight series froma pretty long term gamer (over 12 years here) of both role-playing games overdesks and of computer games right from the good old Vic20's & Atari's..
I really enjoyed GK1&2, I found their stories to be really good and what I would consider a Adventure game. GK2 was a bit lacking IMO, but that was because it was vidoe/movie driven rather than walk-a-bout driven ;-p
Now I have only recently bought GK3 (I am not that rich you know & Games here cost $90!) and I am already stuck *G* but that's most likely my fault ;-p
Anyways I like what I have seen so far, GK3 seems to be a really good game. Just from the short cartoon novelette and what I have of the story so far I am hooked and puzzling out what I know of the ppl in the game, who's who and what;'s what.
I find myself drawn into the story and plot and the adventure of it.
Hmm.. my brain is dead.. *laughs* Maybe I could write better.. but I just wanted to say that GK3 is really good game IMO and what a true adventure is IMO.
Well, please count me in as supporting the whole movement to support Adventure games & the GK series.
What the other person said (gak! bad memory, sorry!) about GFG being an adventure game is true - it was, and it wasn't an "action adventure".
Also what they said is correct - adventure games are dying because they are not the "big money makers" like the doom clones are, or the big RPG's (ie Baldurs Gate (yuck)). Because gameing mag's are not heavily pushing adventure games and the companies selling them are not spending a lot to advertise them, the only ppl who are buying them are the hard core adventure gameers (ie us! hehe).
Like with GK3 - the only reason I *knew* that there even was a GK3 was because I saw it on the shelf on the store! If not for that I would never have known about it, and I browse offline & online mag's fairly often.
The public is notourious for being fickle and VERY heavily influenced by media advertisment's (if they weren't, companies wouldn't spend so much on ads like they do now). Ask yourself - what games do you see heavily advertised? Adventure game? NO!.. I see Doom clones, fighting games, etc being advertised.
To the GFG series - most likely it was canned simply because it was too small a niche in the market for them to make another - frankly, they are a company after money & if something don't make money it get's scrapped. This is why adventure games are dying, because ppl don't buy em & don't even know they exist.
Ah wells - again, I support this move. Long Live Adventure Games

Ruby Red Rose (not entered)
not entered

Hello GK people...just wandering over from the QfG board, and I wanted to mention:
Y'know QfG5: Dragon Fire was an adventure game... Grim Fandango was too... In fact, there were a few really good adventure games put out just a few months ago... There might've been 500 times more clone-and-conquor and doom-wannabe games, but still, there ARE adventure games out there, if you look. And they are on the rise. The only problem is, they don't get the support they need from computer game reviewers, who loved the game, but had to give a game they rated lower the cover, because that's what'll sell their magazine/webpage/whatever.
And really, fans of Gabriel and Grace are fortunate. There is still the possiblility that there will be another game. Sadly, the QfG serries is at an end. There will, unless a miricle happens, never be a QfG6.
Anywho...what I'm trying to say is: Support GK! Support adventure games of all kinds! WRITE software companies and DEMAND more pure-adventure games! If we don't, who will?
LONG LIVE GK! Long live the adventure game genre!

Hironimus G (not entered)
not entered

Well - I just sent my mail and but the banner on my homepage.... if there's anything else I can do - just tell me

Wizy (not entered)
not entered

All right!!! Let's keep the thing going!Come and support the Knight guys.
Congratulations to the topic starter for his great job!!!

DtB34 (not entered)
not entered

I wholeheartedly support this worthy cause. We gotta get rid of the SEU's (or at least make less of them) and make games intelligent and fun again. While we're at it, could we take out teen pop with it? Thanks...

TimPooz (not entered)
not entered

It's been a while since we've talked. I hope everything is going swell. Count me in on your petition for Jane Jensen and GK3 as the best things ever.

Marco Cinelli (age 29, Florence , Italy)

Jane Jensen? A brilliant and ingenious mind!
GK3? Another fantastic game and historical , mystic plot!

Ottowitz Gernot (age 18, Klagenfurt, Austria)

Well - if it's about to save the adventure genre and especially the Gabriel Knight series - I'll always support it!
My hope is that Gk3 is going to sell just like gk2 - not only short after its releas, but also 2 years after....
But as Jane said - a new technology, of cause invented by sierra, that would be perfectly suitable for an adventuregame like gk3 would certainly safe the series.

 Chris Stratton (age 23,  Australia)

This email is in support of the Gabriel Knight III, and of Gabriel Knight series of games in general. I have bought every game in this series and enjoyed each one immensely, and I can assure you that I will buy any subsequent games released in this series.


Axel Castellano (age, 28, Buenos Aires, Argentina)

I support the Jane Jensen Award for her worldwide known accomplishes in the making of graphic adventure games, which are both entertaining and educational. I also vote for Gabriel Knight 3: "Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned" as Best Adventure Game ot the Millenium.
Regarding suggestions for helping "save the GK series", I would say that getting in touch with small companies that make adventure games or that could be interested in buying the GK license is worth a shot... 
On a more personal note, my congratulations for your site, and best regards, UPIR, :)

A. Walden Lechner (age 26, Alabama)

Yes, I have sworn (with everyone else on the fanboard, of course) to do all to keep to GK series alive.  Asking to save adventure gaming in general may be a bit too much to ask for now, but we can start with one of the greatest series and the greatest author (I commonly refer to designers of all games as "writers.")  Gabriel Knight must continue as a computer game.  Novels are okay follow-ups, but the adventure game is its proper format, and the adventure game is Jane Jensen's true calling.  I am urging every fan to e-mail Sierra once a day for two or three months and insist that they continue the Gabriel Knight series.

Luis "Peranema" Dechtiar (age 16, Framingham Mass)

.....We should consider that Jane Jensen is a little tired, making games for 7 years straight has to be tough. Let's take it easy on her and Sierra, the real ones to be blamed for are the brainless DOOM maniacs who drool over the screen and wander around websites asking for burnt copies, new levels and cheat codes. Let's ELIMINATE them by boycoting ALL non-adventure games forever!!!!!!!
Begin by refusing to go see the new DOOM motion picture, which will be a flop but will still attract crowds of dummies and probably boost the action games up high again.

Annelize (age 23, South Africa)

I believe the GK series is the best adventure game ever!

MVV (not entered)
not entered

Whatever this award for Jane Jensen is, you can list me as a supporter. I am an admirer of her work.

Peter Rasmussen (age 46, not entered)

GK1+2+3 are simply the best adventure games I have ever encountered.
Adventure games are the only type of computergames that thrill me. Especially the GK saga cannot end yet and you can count on me when (not if) the next one is released.

Save The Adventure Game Campaign
Another GOOD action to support the adventure genre: Save The Adventure Campaign